We constantly update our processes with focus on Quality Control


    We focus on producing high quality machine parts and components


    Our policy is to develop and upgrade the quality of our production processes


    Our technical director’s style is hands on management

DanThai Machinery is Danish/German owned

DanThai Machinery is a Danish/German owned component manufacturer and project management company.

Our company was established in 2010 with the objective to produce high quality machine components to a wide spread of industries. Today we serve customers in Asia, Europe and United States with high quality machine parts and components.

We have a highly professional production team, the majority with more than 10 years’ experience. We have gained a reputation as a reliable business partner supplying quality products at fair prices.

We constantly update our processes with focus on Quality Control. Since 2010 we have manufactured more than 1 million machine custom parts and components within these 4 groups: Milling, turning, welding and assembly.

Major industries: Construction Machinery, Food Processing Machinery, Pharmaceutical Machinery, Material Handling Machinery, Packaging Machinery, Mining Machinery, Farm Equipment, Printing Machinery and Woodworking Machinery.

Over the years we have entered into partnerships with demanding customers in USA, Australia and Europe.

Focus has been on manufacturing prototypes or smaller series of high-quality components. When dealing with partnerships, we store raw materials and parts enough to meet agreed quantities for yearly contracts. We deliver orders from door to door. We have ISO certification and a strict quality control during the total process.

The present position in the very competitive market has been captured due to the strong business principles. Among them are Guaranteed prices, Guaranteed Quality, one-stop service for complete process including financial and engineering support. Our business model is based upon providing a cost-effective solution that benefits customers at all stages of their product development. Our target is to continuously supply affordable high-quality prototypes and custom low-volume products for production purposes.

Low volume production has a lot of advantages. If you want when better customization in products, best tools and best prices, the low-volume manufacturing is beneficial for you. We prefer producing volumes from 50 to 1.000 units. It is very easy for you to ask us for a sample order. Just send us a drawing with relevant information and we respond fast with an estimated price.

We invite you to contact DanThai Machinery to discuss your next project. You can be assured that when you contract with DanThai Machinery, your expectations will be fully met. It is DanThai Machinery’s desire to constantly improve our customers competitive edge by meeting or exceeding their expectations.

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DANTHAI MACHINERY employs highly qualified CNC milling machine operators.


DANTHAI MACHINERY has more than 12 years solid experience with CNC turning centres.


DANTHAI MACHINERY has certified welders with many years of experience within machine parts and components.


DANTHAI MACHINERY provides quick turn-around time and at competitive prices for contract mechanical assembly of various machine parts and components.

Since 2010 we have shipped more than 1 million machine components

Our waste percentage is as an average 2 % which is lower than the accepted norm in our industry


We have an ISO certification from PERRY JOHNSON Registrars Inc. USA

Have established long-term partnerships with customers in US, AUS and EU.

We have a modern Scandinavian Management team

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