Since 2010 We Have Sold More Than 1 Million Parts

Danthai-Machinery - Client production meeting

DanThai Machinery has since its establishment in 2010 manufactured more than 1 million machine components to various industries.

The first few years our customer base was narrow but then changed as we captured new markets and gained valuable experience operating a machine factory in Thailand to be added to the 30+ years experiences from Denmark.

Our policy is quickly and effectively responding to the specific needs of our customers, and we are committed to providing innovative solutions. The substantial span of our CNC machining capabilities allows us to service a wide range of industries, with sales of more than 1 million parts since 2010.

A few examples here.

Construction, Food Processing, Pharmaceutical, Material Handling, Packaging, Mining, Farming, Printing and Woodworking.

We have a FULL-SERVICE MACHINERY PARK. Our broad reach of production capabilities includes Precision CNC machined components, with multi axis capabilities, Prototype, and production machinery, Long and short production runs as well as In-house tooling design.
The quality and safety of machines, plants and systems are of major importance. Our standards provide our customers with the assurance that our products and services meet their requirements and comply with any relevant regulatory requirements. They can further be assured that we are committed to a continuous improvement process.

We also fulfil our obligations in terms of environmental management and occupational health and safety in compliance with recognized norms and standards. We aim to deliver sustainable added value to our customers in the production of high quality machine parts and components. Our customers always perceive us as a serious and qualified business partner within our areas of expertise. This is ensured by forward-looking technology, committed employees and high quality at all levels. On the local platform we aim to be a socially engaged workplace with opportunities for personal development and consideration of the individual employee’s situation.

Furthermore, we want the surrounding community regarding us as a company that shows responsibility towards people, legislation, and the environment.

We invite you to contact DanThai Machinery to discuss your next project. You can be assured that when you contract with DanThai Machinery, your expectations will be fully met. It is DanThai Machinery’s desire to constantly improve our customers competitive edge by meeting or exceeding their expectations.

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