DanThai Machinery's ability to manufacture right-quality parts using Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMM)

DanThai Machinery’s ability to manufacture right-quality parts using Coordinate Measuring Machines
(CMM), profile projectors, and calibrated handheld measuring tools reflects their commitment to
precision and quality control throughout the manufacturing process.

Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM):

CMMs are sophisticated metrology instruments used to measure the geometrical characteristics of complex parts with high precision. DanThai Machinery utilizes CMM to perform detailed dimensional inspections of critical features such as dimensions, angles, and surface profiles. By leveraging CMM technology, they can verify that each part meets the specified tolerances and quality standards.

Profile Projector:

Profile projector are optical measurement devices used to inspect the contours, shapes, and profiles of parts. DanThai Machinery uses profile projector to visually compare manufactured parts against CAD models or engineering drawings. This allows them to verify the accuracy of surface features, such as angles, radii, and geometric tolerances, ensuring that each part conforms to the required specifications.

Calibrated Handheld Measuring Tools:

In addition to advanced metrology equipment, DanThai Machinery utilizes calibrated handheld measuring tools such as micrometers, calipers, and depth gauges to perform detailed measurements on the shop floor.

By integrating CMM, profile projector, and calibrated handheld measuring tools into the final quality control process, DanThai Machinery can systematically monitor and validate the dimensional accuracy and geometric integrity of the parts. This comprehensive approach helps us maintain consistent quality standards, minimize defects, and deliver high-quality components to our customers.